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   Steps to Becoming a Member 

Thank you for your interest in training and working with Long Island K9 Search and Rescue(lik9sar). The following information describes the steps it takes to become a search team with lik9sar.

If you have any questions, or have an interest in becoming a part of lik9sar, please feel free to contact us or fill out a pre-app  and one of our members will get back to you.

I. The first step in becoming a search team with lik9sar is your initial interest, and participation in 1 general meetings & 1 training session.

II. The second step is applying to become a probationary member with lik9sar. This period provides the team a better understanding of the requirements and commitment needed to become a search and rescue dog team. It also allows lik9sar members a chance to work with and get to know the dog/handler team.

  • The Probationary Member receives the privilege to use the lik9sar yahoo group to get information on training locations and times.
  • After a minimum of 6 months a dog/handler team may come off of probation as long as all of the member minimum requirements have been met.

Requirements for dog/handler teams applying for Propationary Membership:

  1. Handler's minimum age of 18 years.
  2. Dog's minimum age of 4 months.
  3. Completed application and statement of purpose.
  4. Veterinary certification of vaccines.
  5. Dues
  6. Probationary Members are required to attend at least 50% of the general meetings and at least 60% of training sessions (subject to number of training sessions held).

The handler is expected to complete the following requirements in preparation for certification and testing:

  1. Obtain Wilderness First Aid certification or equivalent.
  2. Obtain current CPR card.
  3. Map and compass orientation.
  4. Outdoor survival skills.
  5. Prepare for a written and field test on search strategy(sar-tech II test).
  6. Demonstrate physical fitness and endurance needed for the rigors long term search and rescue work.
  7. Complete required ICS courses

The dog must:

  1. Demonstrate sound temperament.
  2. Show no aggressiveness towards people or other dogs.
  3. Demonstrate good physical fitness and endurance.
  4. Demonstrate C.D. (Companion Dog) level obedience. Testing includes:
    • heeling off lead, including a figure 8
    • non-verbal off-lead recall up to 50 feet
    • 1 minute off-lead sit stay
    • 3 minute off-lead down stay
    • "leave it" command
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