"These things we do ...

Long Island Search and Rescue

that others may live"

   Interested in Joining
We are accepting applications to join Long Island Search and Rescue for 2019.  We will be having an informational meeting on November 29th 2018 at 7pm at the Medford Fire Department, 171 Oregon Ave., Medford, NY 11763

          Every year many children, elderly parents, outdoor enthusiasts, etc get lost. Their families' lives could be changed forever if not found. We can't change the course of events that have happened, but we can help by assisting police, fire departments, or other accredited agencies in bringing loved ones home to their families. This is not a job for everyone. It takes time, commitment, training and above all a love for Search and Rescue work. But, if your in good health, and willing to help, you can become part of our energetic team that can be activated here on Long Island as well as New York State.

          Long Island Search and Rescue is looking for energetic and dedicated volunteers. Volunteers will become trained in the art of survival among the wilderness, as well as perform search and rescue missions for lost individuals. Our team consists of K9 handlers, individual man-trackers, high altitude climbers, land group searchers, and etc. In the future, we are looking to expand our team into swift water rescue, avalanche rescue, and cave rescue.

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Requirements of Active Members

  • Willingness to volunteer skill, time, and effort for the good of lost and endangered persons.
  • Basic First Aid and CPR certification.
  • Completion of required ICS courses
  • Attendance of most weekly meetings
  • Attendance of most weekly trainings
  • Attendance of special details