"These things we do ...

Long Island Search and Rescue

that others may live"

In Memoriam

     On September 11, 2001 events took place that changed the lives of every American.            


 The World Trade Center
The Pentagon
American Airlines Flt 11
United Airlines Flt 175
United Airlines Flt 93
New York City Fire Department
Port Authority Police Department
New York City Police Department

For anyone experiencing a personal loss;
this day will never be far
from our thoughts and memories.

This is to honor the brave, gifted and precious
lives that were lost.

Jesse -  2007  to 2013

Jesse started with LISAR as a young dog. Jesse had a terrific SAR career. She was a certified Air Scenting dog through both IPWDA and NASAR. Jesse also was a certified HRD dog through NASAR. Jesse also was a Therapy dog making hundreds of visits to hospitals. Jesse was handled by Sue Condreras.

Kodiak -  2002  to 2012

Kodiak has been with LISAR from the beginning. Kodiak was handled by Chris Padden. Together, this team worked on numerous call outs together as well as did many Hug-A-Tree presentations for schools, boy scouts and girl scouts across Long Island. Kodiak earned his CGC early on and was certified quickly as a NASAR SAR Tech III Area Search Team. During the years that Chris and Kodiak worked together, they trained in HRD and in disaster environments. Kodiak retired in late 2011 with a NASAR SAR Tech II Area Search certification. Kodiak will be missed very much by all.

Doner - 11-2-2002 to 2006

Doner was a female bloodhound that received her name from Deb who is an active blood "doner". Doner who was partnered with Deb Sardone was known to drag her through the woods during a search. Doner was a fabulous trailing dog that is deeply missed by not only Deb, but by all of her teammates.