"These things we do ...

Long Island Search and Rescue

that others may live"

Standards of Conduct

The Standards of Conduct of Long Island  K-9 Search and Rescue are to be observed by all current and prospective members. Failure to follow these standards will be grounds for immediate expulsion from the Team.


  • Federal, state and local laws shall be observed at all times.
  • Members shall uphold the mission of LISAR
  • Under no circumstances shall members use LISAR for personal gain. 
  • No member shall consume or be under the influence of any kind of performance impairing substance while participating in or traveling to or from any LISAR activity.
  • Members shall conduct themselves in a professional manner and exhibit proper respect for others.
  • Members shall accurately represent their experience, qualifications, expertise, limitations, legal standing and other relevant information.
  • The Policies, Procedures and Standards and established practices of LISAR shall be followed at all times.
  • Information obtained as a result of lik9sar search activities shall remain confidential.

LISAR supports the ethical, humane treatment and training of our canine partners. No abuse or neglect of animals will be tolerated.